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Restrictions Over Foreign Equity Proportion in New Energy Vehicle Battery Projects to Be Lifted

Date:2017-06-15 17:06:28

 Restrictions Over Foreign Equity Proportion in New Energy Vehicle Battery Projects to Be Lifted
                                                                        By GBF Asia Committee
This May at the routine press conference of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, Spokesman Mr. Sun Jiwen mentioned that the Catalogue for the Guidance of Industries for Foreign Investment, which was now under emendation, was going to lift the restriction over foreign equity proportion especially in some high-end manufacturing industries, including new energy vehicle battery. The final draft of this cataloge is going to be released soon.
Oversea Brands Expected to Benefit Form This New Measure
Spokesman Mr. Sun Jiwen believed that one of the biggest beneficiaries of China’s opening its new energy vehicle battery market, would be oversea investors and he took German automobile enterprises during the boom of Reform & Opening-up as an example. Mr. Wu Hui, Research Director of CCID Consulting also predicted in an interview that after 2020 when China withdrew its subsidy for Chinese battery enterprises, foreign battery brands would be able to seize even more market share.
Market Competition Help Chinese Enterprises to Grow Stronger
Chinese insiders’ attitude towards this government decision is very positive in general. They believe that market competition from oversea brands, to a great extent, is good for the healthy development of China’s battery industry. Companies without advantages like quality products or advanced technology, etc, will be eliminated and competition pressure will become an incentive for enterprises to upgrade their manufacturing technique.
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