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Accelerated Commercialization of Power and Storage Industry

Date:2017-06-14 17:06:07
In general, users trouble with battery life owing to the decreasing charging performance of battery storage. On 22 March, American automotive and energy storage company, Tesla announced their breakthroughs on power battery. Senior Battery Scientist, Mr. Kurt Kelty and his co-partner Mr. Jeff Dahn denoted in an international battery symposium that the all-electric four-door compact sedan-Model 3 only discharges 5% of its battery capacity after 480 thousand kilometer’s driving. NMC battery generally has a longer cycle life, more stability, and less energy density. Obviously, this new technology has been commercialized and applied into Tesla Model 3.

It is indeed an inspiring news for all insiders. In comparison with gas vehicle,  electric vehicle obviously is much more potential and promising. When battery life and energy declining are solved, market capacity of electric vehicles is only a matter of time. The application market of electric vehicles contributes to the successful commercialization of energy storage industry. According to incomplete statistics, the amount of production and sales of China’s low-speed electric autos in 2015 reached 700 thousand while that in 2016 soared to 1200 thousand. Considering the development routes and battery technology, low-speed electric vehicles will be the mainstream in China in last ten years, and it will also be a significant complement for new energy auto sector in the next decade. 

Technical revolution of battery unfolds many possibility for energy storage industry. 

Last year, Huawei announced a major breakthrough in its research into Li-ion batteries, unveiling the world's first long-lifespan graphene-assisted Li-ion battery able to withstand high temperatures. The announcement was made by Watt Laboratory, an organization under Huawei's Central Research Institute, at the 57th Battery Symposium held in Japan. Huawei's research results showed that new graphene-assisted heat-resistant technologies allow Li-ion batteries to remain functional in a 60°C environment, a temperature 10°C higher than the existing upper limit. The lifespan of the graphene-assisted Li-ion batteries will also be twice as long as ordinary Li-ion batteries. Based on the statistics issued by National Bureau of Statistic of PRC, total output and monthly output of lithium battery during Jan. And Feb. 2017 are respectively 114,485 and 57,242.

Through ongoing technical innovation, battery improvement is conducive to achieve quick charging of electric vehicles as well as popularize its marketing. In this regard, the tangible integration between new energy auto and energy storage sectors is muck more likely to happen. Mr. Cao Cheng, the head of 2017 Asia Guangzhou Battery Sourcing Fair (GBF Asia2017) held during August 16-18, 2017 told us that, China is the super power thinking highly of new energy promotion and its application. And their unswerving resolution on developing electric vehicle and energy storage industries can be seen from their staunch supports in recent years. He underlined that GBF Asia positioned as an international trade platform accords with the government planning for future new energy industry development. Under this background, GBF Asia won the key support of government and exhibitors have access to apply for full amount of subsidy. Compared with last year, the amount of exhibitors in GBF Asia2017 is projected to grow by 500% and 35,000 person-time purchasers from over 40 countries and regions are expected to present on site, among which 15 % of them are overseas. Besides, 2017 Asia Power Battery & Energy Storage Technology Summit is scheduled to kick off concurrently.
In last 5 years, compound annual growth rate of global energy storage industry jumped 193%. It is estimated that China’s energy storage market capacity in the next decade will reached USD$100 billion. Along with the further declining of energy storage cost, finished peak-valley electricity price, and other compensation system, the user-side energy storage market will pioneer the commercial application in China’s energy storage sector.
Predicted by SPIR, energy storage sector has become the priority for many large-scale enterprises when dealing with traditional business or transformation. In the next five years, the market will be widened with 100 billion yuan. A flood of big battery businesses such as Narada Battery, FIRS, GuoXuan High-tech Power Technology, Center Power one after another are speed up their market layouts on energy storage fields.
At present, energy storage has been listed as a crucial project in China-proposed 13th Five Year Plan for the first time. Related instructions and development blueprint of energy storage are soon to issue.
China’s energy storage market has entered into a turning point of commercial development. Now, the high cost of energy storage and new energy is undertaken by governments which will be absolutely undertaken by users on the next stage. As you can see, the progressive achievement made by capital enterprises in battery field suggests the promising outlook of secondary energy market.
As a leading trade platform in Asia, GBF Asia 2017 is projected to attract a lot of professionals, exhibitors and purchaser from around the world. In partnership with the governments, associations, industry experts, and other magnets to hold the smashing summit, forums, GBF Asia 2017 is deemed to deepen trading exchanges on battery products as well as advancing the technologies. For more information, pls contact Aileen Chen via
Asia Guangzhou Battery Sourcing Fair 2017 (GBF ASIA 2017)
Date: August 16-18, 2017
Venue: Area A, China Import & Export Fair Complex
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